Sent: Tue, Sep 12, 2017 11:48 am
Subject: hurricane Irma
hello everyone:
Well, I have finally been able to get to the park Tuesday morning. Myself and staff still do not have power at our homes but for the most park our homes came out with some controllable damage. Here is my initial assessment.
Flood, flood and more flood. Trees down and tremendous amount of debris. Tess and George stayed at the Island Club during the storm and they were able to come in Monday to start clearing some of the roadways for emergency vehicles. The Estero Fire Dept. came in and helped for a short time with a few of the bigger trees. We had a tree company, who we normally call for difficult trees, on call and he came in with heavy equipment and helped get roads clear enough for emergency vehicles. I was able to arrive here this morning and surprised to find we had power to most everyone except Dove, Pelican, Egret and Tern circles. How sewer lift stations are working and we have water from Lee County. However, we do have a boil water notice to all of Lee County. As far as we can tell right now and until the flooding goes down, we could not see and water leaks at anyone's home and elsewhere. With hundreds of thousands of people out of power still today, I am very surprised anyone here has power. I had my first cup of coffee since Sunday morning. The bleacher shelters we build at horseshoes, shuffleboard and bocce are all OK. One of the tiki huts and bleachers at the tennis courts did not make it. The fence at the green mall is down; the fence along the access road going to I-75 storage is down; part of the fence at I-75 storage and our shop is down; there are several Comcast boxes over; driving through each circle we see a lot of debris in everyone's yard. Many trees are down on private property; a lot of skirting blown off most homes; awnings and gutters and down spouts are damaged; there are some homes with roof damage but certainly not as many as there could have been.
Our focus has been to clear main and circle roads. We have more trees leaning over roads and common area buildings that we will take down today. We have the tree company coming back in today to help with some hard to get to trees and larger trees. Our main concern first is to take care of the common areas the best we can. People should remember the association is not responsible for individual homes or property. This is why we urged everyone to have someone watch their property because we simply can not do it. Another question and complaint I am getting is when a common area tree falls on private homes or property. Regardless of who's tree it belongs to, the homeowner where it landed is responsible for either damage or clean up. Any insurance company will say the same thing. Again we will do our best to help with debris but as soon as people can, please clean up your own yards as usual or have and eventually we will pick it up like we normally do.

Finally, there is little to no fuel stations if people need gas or diesel. Almost all stores are closed so food is hard to find right now. Hundreds of thousands of people and businesses are without power. This is going to be a long process in order to get somewhat normal again. I know people are nervous and perhaps angry at how long this process is and will take. Most people in this park are lucky to even have power at their homes and be able to use the water to flush the toilet. I know first hand how it feels to be without those items. This park could have been completely destroyed but survived very well. We will continue to work our best to get things cleaned up. I will check back later.