I am receiving a tremendous amount of calls asking how their home is or if we can go check their home and call them back. We are not responsible for that as badly as it may sound. We are super busy trying to get things safe and wading through a lot of water. We can not possibly watch 640 homes and call you back. People need to call their home watch person to make assessments of individual homes. Sorry but we have a lot to do. I am 2 staff members short until they can get back in the area after evacuating. The water system and sewer system are working. The park is very flooded and we are working diligently to make trees and roadways safe to come in. Trees that are association trees or pine and cypress trees that are leaning on a home, we are trying to remove them. Any trees that are not considered association trees, even if they were on common association property, the homeowner is responsible to remove it. The canal system is working good and flowing as it should. It is going to take time though. If people come back to the flooded park, drive slow. If you are going 6 mph through flooded areas, you are going too fast. It causes a wake and that wake could flood someone's home.