Notice to Residents
We have all experienced the wrath of Hurricane Irma who left a lot of debris. The plans we have at this time to handle the debris is as follows:
1. Any horticultural debris you have should be stacked at your driveway or on the side of your driveway. Any trees down on your property is you’re responsibility to have cut up and stacked. We will eventually be around to pick up horticultural but it is going to take time. If possible, please help your neighbor. 2. Your garbage and recycle items go in the proper area at the green mall as usual. 3. Appliances, furniture and bulk items go to the drop area in I-75 storage as usual. 4. CONSTRUCTION DEBRIS (C&D MATERIAL). If you have home damage such as awnings, gutters, roof, inside damaged items or any other damage and have debris to get rid of other than horticulture, we have designated a central area in the I-75 storage yard for you to take this debris to. It is up to you to take it to the central location. This area is behind the area where the appliances and furniture goes. THIS NEW CENTRAL AREA IS FOR IRMA RELATED MATERIAL ONLY. 5. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT TO KEEP ALL OF THE ITEMS SEPARATE. C&D MATERIAL GOES IN ONE PILE; APPLIANCES AND FURNITURE IN A DIFFERENT PILE; HORTICULURE IN THE HORTICULURE BIN OR STACKED AT YOUR HOME; GARBAGE IN THE COMPACTOR; RECYCLE IN THEIR PROPER BINS.
Thank you for your cooperation. With a little help from everyone, we will get everything back to normal. Be careful and be safe.
Timothy D. Fisher, CAM General Manager