Just a reminder, the gate code for the Island Club changed this past July. The new code is #8898 just in case people don't have a remote opener or forgot my previous notice. The CWA gate code stayed the same at KEY KEY 2393. (that is the Key symbol). Both gates that have a residents name and local phone number in the directory box, the guest can find your name and press the 3 digit code assigned to your name, which then calls the resident. Once the resident answers, they press 9 on their phone and it opens the gate. When exiting the property, the exit gate opens automatically and you do not need the remote to open it. If exiting from Sanctuary Rd, you do need the remote to open it. If you have remote openers, make sure you have a fresh battery in it and be careful not to move any of the little switches inside. When using the remote on the Sanctuary gate, be sure to point the remote at the gate box at close range.